Deborah Fagan
Registered Member MBACP (Accred)
07950 499165 - email

Integrative Therapeutic Counselling Information for Clients

Change Oriented Counselling - My style of counselling combines integrative therapy with a practical approach to problems, so that you can make real and positive changes in your life and direction. It sees you as a whole person, with your feelings, actions and thoughts. It promotes self awareness and healing through your personal experience of the present and from the past. The aim is for you to become self-resourced, become your own counsellor, yet able and willing to draw upon help from others, and also to give support without feeling obligated or exploited.


Theoretical Orientation - I combine a Person Centred perspective with a Gestalt approach, Solution Focused and CBT techniques as well as Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), Clarkson's Relational Model, EFT and Transactional Analysis. In brief, Person Centred Therapy is having positive respect for you as my client, to empathise and be supportive. Gestalt Therapy concentrates on personal wholeness and self-awareness (“be here now”) and on completion of unfinished business from the past. Solution Focused techniques work on your goals and the changes needed to achieve them. ISTDP helps you to directly experience buried feelings and impulses so you can bring about positive life changes. Sometimes, if it’s appropriate and relevant, we can also include existential and transpersonal themes, on life’s journey and its meaning, and on spiritual and holistic concerns.


My Qualifications and Experience – I have a Higher Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and am trained to work with Substance Misuse and their effects. Throughout my training I was in personal therapy. My experience is in working with addictions, young people, adults, families and mental health issues. I also work with a wide range of common life problems such as abuse, anxiety, anger management, depression, couples counselling, eating disorders, identity issues, family work, PTSD, self-esteem/confidence, self harm, trauma, separation, sexual issues, stress and work issues. I have continued my professional development by on-going training and experience in Bereavement Counselling for adults and children, Attachment and Loss and supporting those who have experienced trauma. I'm an Accredited Registered Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and follow their Code of Ethical Practice. I have a Level 6 Certificate in Therapeutic Supervision and am also a Group Facilitator. I am listed online on The Counselling Directory.



Timing, Cancellations and Fees - We normally meet once a week, on the same day and time, each session usually lasting 50 minutes. I charge for any missed session, whatever the reason, unless it can be rearranged, and if you have to take frequent breaks for business or similar reasons these too may be chargeable. Other occasional breaks are by agreement. I take a holiday at Christmas, Easter and in the summer. My fee is agreed at our first meeting but remains negotiable, though subject to an increase annually. Fees are £60 per session, negotiable downwards within limits. Reduced fees for students, those on a limited income and trainee counsellors. Supervision is £80 per session and couple counselling is £100 per session.


Counselling/Psychotherapy can be open-ended, finishing when it feels right for you, or we may agree a time limit. This will be regularly reviewed. As Counsellor and Client we enter into an informal contract with one another. I endeavour to help you to the best of my abilities, but cannot of course guarantee "results". I ask you to take responsibility for the changes, often significant, in your life and relationships and to apply yourself to meeting your goals. At times therapy can be painful and difficult, which often indicates that it’s working. At other times you may feel stuck, when persistence is needed. It’s important that you raise and we explore such difficulties, as well as the issues that brought you to counselling.


Confidentiality - Everything that passes between us is confidential with some exceptions. It is standard practice to consult my Supervisor/ other professionals to discuss how your counselling is progressing, gain other perspectives and ensure I'm giving you the best service. They will only know your initials and those details sufficient for our discussion. If I believe you are in danger of significantly harming yourself or another I would discuss this with you but reserve the right and have the duty to inform your GP or another authority. For this reason I require details of your GP and for you to sign an information release form when counselling starts. If you have been referred by your GP or a related professional it is standard practice for me to simply advise them that counselling has commenced. If you are a trainee counsellor then other exceptions might apply. I offer a non-discriminatory service so clients feel free to explore their issues regardless of their race, colour, disability, gender or sexual orientation.


“Mind, body and soul; at one with the world, at one with yourself.”